Friday, December 5, 2008

2009 is looking so fine

2009 has lots of potential for Disiciples of Etsy. Although JDStar has stepped down as co-team leader to focus on other adventures, I'm happy to say that greyeyedesigns is joining me as the new co-team leader. greyeyedesigns aka Brigid is located in Tulsa. Which is great because now we can plan events and get togethers not only in the OKC area but the Tulsa area too.
We are in the process of updating the Etsy team page, and are asking everyone that has not completed the questions to do so. You can convo the answers to myself claudiasburningink or Brigid greyeyedesigns or email it to the team email,
Everyone have a great holiday, and be sure to check out Deluxe on Dec 6th 7-11 at the Old Farmers Market in OKC! Lots of handmade goodies for all. Skip the mall and buy handmade.

ArtBeat, Deluxe, and Trinkets and Babbles

Be sure to pick up an issue of the new local publication ArtBeat! Hittin' places everywhere this Friday.
Also Saturday be sure to check out Deluxe, and indie craft fair at the Old Farmers Market 11-7 and it’s free to all. Lots of Disciples of Etsy team members and other cool artisans peddling their wears.
Saturday evening 7-11 head over for some yummy coffee at The Red Cup. While your there check out Trinkets and Babbles, a show of ornaments, handmade by local artisans. Also free to all, and the release party for ArtBeat will be there as well.

So make it a local artisan filled weekend, with ArtBeat, Deluxe, and The Red Cup, with some more ArtBeat added for extra flavor. :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

NONzine Ad

Claudia put together this ad for the local free artist grassroots paper NONzine. Not to shabby since Claudia hasn't ever designed an ad. There are some pretty cool events coming up for Disciples of Etsy team members.
Friday November 7th and Saturday November 8th is the Girlie Show in OKC at the Old Farmers Market building.
Also Friday November 7th ans Saturday November 8th, Christmas Expressions in Chickasha.
November 15th the first Rock n' Roll Garage Sale in OKC at CD Warehouse downtown. Bands, craft, art, vintage = RAD!
December 6th the first Deluxe Indie craft at the Old Farmers Market, sure to be a blast and a great place to pick up gifts that weren't made in china and sold at the mall or some Mega Mart.
So the rest of the year looks busy and fun for everyone.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

$10 Advertising for DOE members

Its that time of year. Time to put your Etsy shop in full gear and make the most out of the Holiday Season. What better way to start it off but by some inexpensive advertising.I'm going to be putting together a half full color page in NONzine (pending everyones response). I'm looking to list 20 Etsy shops in the upcoming issue of NONzine. The cost, only $10. If your interested email back. The cut off day will be Sunday, that's right Sunday Nov 2. Because I have to have the ad made and ready to go to NONzine on Tuesday Nov 4th to go to press. Funds will be sent via paypal directly to NONzine. All I'm doing is telling you about it, getting your info, asking you to pay NONzine by Monday at 8pm, and designing the ad with your shop site in it. $10 what could it hurt. If you want to do your own solo ad, I have attached NONzine's rate card as well.Best of luck to everyone this holiday selling season! http://www. myspace. com/nonzine ClaudiaYou must be a member of the Disciples of Etsy, Oklahoma's Etsy Street Team for this joint ad.It's easy and free to join, as long as you sell on Etsy and live in Oklahoma, http://team. etsy. com/profilest/ok. shtml

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't shop the mall

Don't get that same old gift from the mall or mega mart that ends up getting unloved or worse, re-gifted. Come to Deluxe and get something that everyone talking, around the tree, table, fireplace or where ever you celebrate the holidays. Deluxe is a mix of local artist, crafters, and creators. You are sure to find something for someone of every age, in every price range, in every "taste" you need. Check out Deluxe on myspace for more info.
Hosted by the Disciples of Etsy Oklahoma Street Team and House of Craft.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Deluxe, last day to apply

Till midnight tonight Deluxe is taking applications for it's family friendly indie art and craft bazaar open to guys and gals who like to make stuff and embrace the DIY mindset. Applications available at
In the myspace Blog area.
Hosted by the Disciples of Etsy Oklahoma Street Team and House of Craft, our goal is to encourage buying handmade and provide an affordable venue for indie artists and crafters to get their work out in the hands of the public.Giving handmade gifts shows that you have a concern for your fellow humans and that you support your local artists! Plus, it's so much nicer than fighting the desperate crowds at the mall. Our first Deluxe Holiday will be held on December 6th at the Farmers Public Market in OKC. We will bring in a good number of artists from all around to give Oklahomans an awe-inspiring selection of handmade goods!
Check it out, apply, come and shop or both!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Well hello OKLAHOMA!

Welcome to the Disciples of Etsy,'s Oklahoma Street Team Blog!
What can you expect from being this blog.
-Upcoming Disciples of Etsy team events.
-Upcoming shows in Oklahoma.
-Features on local artist, crafters, creators, etsy shops, and local businesses.
-Search tags on for "oketsy team" to find local shops.
-Idea's for making your own crafty creations.

We are a group of oklahoma-based artists taking refuge from the world of mass-produced things.

JDStar and Claudia's Burning Ink are the co-team leaders for Disciples of Etsy.