Thursday, October 30, 2008

$10 Advertising for DOE members

Its that time of year. Time to put your Etsy shop in full gear and make the most out of the Holiday Season. What better way to start it off but by some inexpensive advertising.I'm going to be putting together a half full color page in NONzine (pending everyones response). I'm looking to list 20 Etsy shops in the upcoming issue of NONzine. The cost, only $10. If your interested email back. The cut off day will be Sunday, that's right Sunday Nov 2. Because I have to have the ad made and ready to go to NONzine on Tuesday Nov 4th to go to press. Funds will be sent via paypal directly to NONzine. All I'm doing is telling you about it, getting your info, asking you to pay NONzine by Monday at 8pm, and designing the ad with your shop site in it. $10 what could it hurt. If you want to do your own solo ad, I have attached NONzine's rate card as well.Best of luck to everyone this holiday selling season! http://www. myspace. com/nonzine ClaudiaYou must be a member of the Disciples of Etsy, Oklahoma's Etsy Street Team for this joint ad.It's easy and free to join, as long as you sell on Etsy and live in Oklahoma, http://team. etsy. com/profilest/ok. shtml

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