Monday, April 13, 2009

Meet Our Members: samann1121

Things have been a little quiet around here lately, and I apologize for that! However, it's time to introduce all our friends in blogland to a great team member, Jessie of samann1121!

1. Introduce yourself.
I'm Jessie from Norman, OK. I run Chaos Into Art and have two Etsy shops -- handmade ( and supplies ( I opened my first Etsy shop weeks after Etsy went online, and I've been selling for about 3 years.

2. Tell us about what you make. When did you start making it and why?
I make a pretty wide variety of items from recycled and vintage materials. That's just what interests and inspires me. Because I turn old things into new things, my products are unique from the very start!

3. How long have you been crafting? When did you decide to start selling your handmade goods?
I've been crafting for as long as I can remember, and I've been an entrepreneur for almost as long. When I was about 6, I decided to paint rocks from our rock garden with poster paints and sell them as paper weights. It's entirely possible that the only person who bought any was my grandma, but she still has them!

Denim and Rick Rack pouch

4. Other than what you sell, what's your favorite thing to craft?
Well, I'll sell pretty much anything I make, but I've been getting into making baby stuff lately, as my first child is due in April. I serged some recycled cloth baby wipes last night. It was very relaxing.

5. What do you love best about Etsy?
I find it very easy to use as a selling venue. I love that really anyone can set up a shop and try their hand at selling. I think it really takes down a lot of barriers and lets people who should sell their crafts for a living do just that!

My Favorite Things -- Limited Edition Cards

6. What's your favorite thing about Oklahoma?
Hmm... Probably Braum's and QuikTrip! Braum's milk is the best, and their ice cream is crazy tasty. I don't know what I'll do if I ever move! And although we don't have QuikTrips out in this part of Oklahoma, it's definitely a highlight of my Tulsa-area visits.

7. Do you sell anywhere else or have a blog, Twitter, MySpace, etc.?
I have a blog:
An ArtFire shop:
And a fan page on Facebook:

Thanks so much, Jessie! We all look forward to pictures of your baby when she makes her appearance into the world!


Robin Thomas said...

Jessie is the best. So glad for the interview. She is a great Disciple!

Funkybella said...

Yay Jessie! It was cool that I got to meet you. You make really great items.
Way to represent Norman!