Wednesday, May 20, 2009

High-Rollin' Okies

After stumbling across GemsByEm on Etsy's front page Monday and marvelling at the number of sales she's made in the two years since she joined (434 as of the moment), I got to wondering who the team's top sellers were. So, I started looking through everyone's shop and taking notes. I was amazed at how many Disciples of Etsy members have made more than 100 sales. In fact, five of our wonderful crafters have more than 1,000 sales under their belts! That's pretty amazing, if you ask me -- so amazing, in fact, that they deserve their own post. How about this one? Sounds perfect! Here they are in ascending order.

5. Jennifer's Bows n More, who sells dog tag necklaces, Scrabble tile images, and other goodies has sold 1,401 items since opening shop two years ago. Her stuff is perfectly adorable and fun.

4. the vintage pearl, maker of custom jewelry treasures, has found homes for 1,737 of her unique items. Her delicate, beautiful pieces are enchanting and delightful.

3. Mattiecakes has sold 3,054 handmade goods and sewing supplies in a little under two years. She has some great deals on gorgeous Amy Butler fabric, too.

2. Keys and Memories, no stranger to Etsy's front page herself, is a true power seller, boasting 3,649 sales. Her completely one-of-a-kind jewelry from old typewriter keys is innovative and timeless.

1. Rainbow Swirlz is the team's top seller! With 4,810 sales in 3.5 years on Etsy, this happening mama does gorgeous screenprinting on a variety of surfaces -- shirts, bags and more. Check out the shop to pick up any of the great designs, from colorful robot armies to serene bird silhouettes.

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lollywood said...

Wow that's awesome so many team members have had lots of sales! I myself have a Rainbow Swirlz robot tote. It's so fun!