Monday, March 9, 2009

Meet Our Members: LaFleurdePapier

It's a warm, cloudy Monday in much of Oklahoma. Spring is taunting us with its looming presence -- at least until it cools off on Wednesday. What better way to celebrate March blooms than with the amazing blossoms created by LaFleurdePapier?

1. Introduce yourself.
My etsy name is LaFleurdePapier, but my friends call me Amanda. I currently reside in Edmond, and have lived here for the last few years going to school. I graduate from UCO in May with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in drawing/painting.

2. Tell us about what you make. When did you start making it and why?
I make paper roses. I'm thinking now that that sounds much easier in print than in action. I started making them as a hobby, as I'd seen the lady from on Martha Stewart show. At the time, school wasn't as busy, and I had holidays to work. Right now, it's a challenge to get enough sleep at night. I think the roses are unique, not only for the fact that I've altered and refined the pattern, but also that every single one of them turns out just a little bit different, like a real rose might. Also, each one finds its personality when painted. You can control the colors, but you can't control the way they run together. There's a surprise with every stroke of the brush.

3. How long have you been crafting? When did you decide to start selling your handmade goods?
I guess you could say I've been crafty since the day I was born. My mom decided to stay home with my brother and I. To make the ends meet, she worked as a high end interior design seamstress. I grew up underneath the sewing table playing with scraps of fabric, and whatever else I could get my hands on. I never ever would have tried to sell the roses, except a friend of mine decided she wanted a whole suite of them for her wedding and that she was going to pay me, regardless of what I thought on the matter. I'm actually really glad she pushed me. Making the roses has branched me out and put me in contact with people all over the globe. One of my roses went to Norway for Valentines! Can you imagine?

4. Other than what you sell, what's your favorite thing to craft?
I'm addicted to texture and fiber. At the moment, I'm playing with wet felting. I also love to crochet. I went nuts crocheting over the holidays. Everyone got a beanie.... and I do mean everyone. In my fine arts life, I'm working with kozo paper to create what I've been calling "soul containers" and to create surfaces for my 2D work.

Bee o' mine

5. What do you love best about Etsy?
I'm incredibly enamored with the flexibility of Etsy. If you need to put it away for a few weeks and ignore it, you can, as long as you can keep up with any convos. I also love how the favorites works. I've gotten a few referals from one friend getting on another friend's favorites and finding me.

6. What's your favorite thing about Oklahoma?
There's something about the open road... and those places, like old gas stations where you can stop and imagine the glory of huge sedans cruising down the road with 2.5 children, mom, dad and the dog on vacation. And there's something about the wide open sky. We always have a good sunset here.

Yellow Nosegay Wedding Bouquet

7. Do you sell anywhere else or have a blog, Twitter, MySpace, etc.?
I have a blog on MySpace... but at the moment, I'm just concentrating on school. It is, or you can search for But, like I said, it's inactive right now. I guess I'm just an Etsy loyalist... and have too much to keep up with!

Thanks for answering my questions, Amanda. Now, everyone, go check out her amazing shop!


Mathea said...

Those are the most gorgeous roses I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing.

Brigid said...

I am so impressed by her work, too! They look so real.

triogirls said...

Amanda- Your roses are gorgeous. What a great thing for a bride to have on a wedding day that she can keep. Happy Selling!!!