Monday, June 27, 2011

Etsy Shop Tips

Hi! My name is Danielle Furstenberg. I live in Oklahoma City, and just started doing Etsy as a full-time job when I finished school in May. It looks right now like I’ll be writing for the OKEtsy Team Blog on the second and fourth weeks of the month.

I just officially started my business in January of this year, so I thought it might be a good idea to share two of the most helpful things I did when getting started. First, I super duper duper recommend signing up for and taking a free New Business Workshop. The Oklahoma Tax Commission offers one every few days all over the state. I was able to take one just a few blocks from my house. The one I went to was about three hours long, but the time flew by because it was SO informative and helpful.

I knew very little about the legal side of starting a business, so this workshop helped me a lot. I learned how to register for a FEIN number, open a business checking account, officially register my business, report sales tax, register my trade name – and I learned about things I can purchase for my business that are tax exempt.

Secondly, Etsy offers so many helpful articles for getting started. In the months prior to opening my shops, I tried to read a few articles from the Etsy Seller Handbook every night before going to bed. By the time I was ready to officially open my shop, I had learned a little about everything from photography and writing item descriptions to shipping internationally and pricing items.

Having that base of knowledge was incredibly beneficial to me starting out. I try to still read a few new articles from Etsy each week, so I’m always learning, but in reality it’s been several weeks since I’ve made time for that.

I hope my suggestions can help any of you that are just starting out! Also, if you’re new to Etsy and have questions or are confused, please head over to the OKEtsy Team Discussion Board! There are a ton of really nice people there that would be more than happy to help! Thanks!

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