Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OKEtsy Featured Seller: Chocolate Dog Studio

The featured seller of the week is Karen from Chocolate Dog Studio. Karen lives in Tulsa and loves sewing and paper crafts.

Karen, where does your inspiration come from?

My main inspiration comes from the colors and textures in the paper or fabrics. I love putting different colors and textures together in the fabrics and then also the paper crafts. It gives me great joy to see a fabric or paper, envision a completed item, create it and then see the finished item. It is exciting to me to see things appear out of raw materials, recycled materials, or gifted materials that were useless to someone else. It is a little addicting to take a piece paper that someone was going to throw away and make something to sell.

What is your favorite media to work with?

My favorite media is (at this time) working with the paper and then also fabric. In the past I have crocheted, knitted, dabbled in different drawing mediums.

Where would you like to see yourself 5/10 years from now in this project?

In about 5/10 years I hope that I am still following this path laid out before me. I just have no idea where it is heading. I am much happier when I am creating than when I am not creating. It is just something I have to do, whether it is appreciated by buyers or not. :0) Though like everyone, buyers are confirmation that I am doing the right thing!

What is one of your keys to success?

Be nice and kind to everyone that comes across your path, regardless of how they treat you. You are leaving a lasting impression with suppliers, customers and other sellers.

What is one crazy thing about you?

20 kindergartners with paint and paintbrushes doesn't scare me. A regular class full of kids with an academic subject is terrifying! (I used to teach art.)

What is something you would love to learn how to do?

I would love to weave with a giant room sized loom. It just sounds like so much fun.

What is your favorite color?

Green, some pinks, and red are my favorite colors. I wear green most often.

What do you love about Oklahoma?

I love Oklahoma people, they are friendly, concerned and most of all Real. We are used to wide open spaces, fairly large cities, small towns, backwoods.

Be sure to check out this week's featured seller and all of her fabulous sites:

Twitter: chocodogstudio

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