Thursday, January 29, 2009

CPSIA in the news

I was excited to see a story in the Tulsa World today on the effect the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act will have on local crafters and small-business owners. You can read the article here.

As much publicity as we can get out of this issue is something to applaud. Once again, I think my biggest contention with CPSIA was missed: that the manufacturers of the lead-laden products, not the consumers of them, should be held responsible. As it is, the changes will punish those of us who buy and use products containing lead instead of the companies who recklessly created them. I'm all for holding manufacturers responsible for poisoning children, but CPSIA doesn't do that. Instead, it insinuates that I should buy a product and pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to test it for lead and phthalates myself. That's just nonsensical.

All the same, any coverage is helpful. Let's keep hoping those in power hear what we're saying.

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