Monday, January 26, 2009

Our first group meeting

So the first (monthly? quarterly? and only?) meeting of the Disciples of Etsy group was this past Saturday. Speaking on behalf only of myself, it was a lot of fun. We had a decent number in attendance, managed to talk about all the pressing stuff, showered Jessie with gifts, and consumed copious amounts of sugar courtesy of Cuppies and Joe. Saturday was an insane day for me (ballet class until 11:00 and then on the road to OKC by 11:30 just to barely make it on time), so I left Tulsa without my camera. Oh so sad. However, the lovely Jessie, in whose honor we held the shower, put some good shots on her blog here.

I sent out a group email with all the important details, but I did want to note that Claudia has decided it's time to relinquish her leadership role in the group. Like JD, she will still be an important member of the team, but all group communications should now come to me, Brigid. Thank you, Claudia, for a year of excellent guidance!

So, now who's ready to take on a co-leader position? Please contact me to volunteer!

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Unknown said...

How cool is this blog?! I'm sorry I missed the meetings lately but i'm hoping to see you all soon. :)