Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tutorial: Easy Peasy Rosette Headband

You know all of those cool flowery headbands you see little girls wearing anymore? I'm sure you have especially if you frequent any craft blogs that feature children's items. And I'm sure you've noticed that there are about 6,000 different ways to make all of those flowers. While the thought of making one doesn't frighten me at all I just haven't gotten around to it. Until I saw a way to cheat with rosette ribbon (by the yard) at Hobby Lobby. It was so great. A satin row of rosettes stitched onto tulle. And they had it in multiple colors. So, my brain went to work and I took my kids all over Hobby Lobby gathering supplies.

Supplies: Rosette ribbon (I got 1/2 yd. = 18 in., but didn't use all of it. To use all of it would cover the entire headband if you want to go that route), a headband, thread that matches your rosettes, beads (I bought green tear drop shaped ones for leaves and crystal ones to add a little pizzazz), needle, and hot glue gun/sticks

Begin by taking a single strand of thread and knotting it at one end. Then pass your needle and thread through the tulle and grab a bit of the satin as well, to anchor it, a few times. Make sure to keep all of your knot at the back of the ribbon.
Once you have your thread anchored decide how frequently you want your green "leafy" gems and stitch them on. I did mine at the top right and bottom left of each flower. Make sure to anchor your gems on with a few stitches so that they don't come off easily and become a choking hazard for your little one if they should pull it off. If you will notice this ribbon is all stretched out and in-between each rosette there is some extra satin (it's in the shape of a heart but you can't really tell that). I wanted more fullness so...
I gathered the rosettes together on the back by stitching a few times from the top of one flower to the next and pulling tightly to make it gather. I did this at the top of each rosette pair and at the bottom.
Now when you flip it over it looks like this. Much fuller and more attractive don't you think?
I went back and added a bit more bling since this is basically a photo prop. Use the same technique as you did for the tear drop "petals" to secure each bead. I grouped mine in threes but each bead is secured individually.
After you have your beads all secured and everything as you like it secure the ribbon to the headband using hot glue. And then once it has cooled off try it on your kiddo to see how it looks:
Pardon the drool. She's teething. lol I would change the headband to a light pink if I could do it again. Just so it blended more. But, the outfit she will be wearing this with is a dirndl from Germany that her Grandparents bought her, and it is pink, green, and white. Hence the creamy white headband. And while she looks all rosey posey above...
Yeah...little miss teether didn't think it was all fun and games like mom did.

Happy crafting!

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