Thursday, July 28, 2011

OkEtsy Featured Seller: Bloomandbling

Please introduce yourself: Shanna Williams - Stroud, OK - Childrens accessories and outfits

What is/was your inspiration? My children are my inspiration! More specifically my youngest daughter, Rayne. She is 3 and she inspires me on a daily basis. She’s a diva and a tomboy. She loves to dress up like a princess AND climb trees. She loves pageants and playing in the dirt.

I know that it sounds cheesy and silly, but there is no better feeling in the world than when someone compliments my little princess on something she’s wearing…a bow, a dress, whatever and she promptly responds “Momma made it!” With a giant smile on her face and a beautiful twinkle in her baby blue eyes!

What is your favorite media and why? Ribbon! I don't think I can ever get enough ribbon. (my husband thinks otherwise) I love ribbon, you can use it in SO many ways. The possibilities with it are endless!

Where would you like to see yourself 5/10 years from now in this project? I would like to be doing more consignment and wholesale, as well as a brick and mortar store front. My goal is to make my creations available to ALL the little divas and princesses out there.

What has been your biggest challenge with your shop? I guess I'd have to say time is a giant challenge. With a family of four children (ages 12, 11, 3, and 1) I'm not a lady with a lot of time on her hands. Somehow I find the time to enjoy my family, my friends, and still make everything work, though a few more hours in the day wouldn't hurt my feelings.

Do you have any keys of success to share? Promotion! I cannot stress enough the importance of promotion. You can get creative and find new and even FREE ways to promote all over the place. Social networking is a big key to that.
Tell us one thing crazy about yourself. Only one? Well...I'm a karaoke diva. That's right. I said it. Sometimes there's no better way to express how you're feeling than to belt out a tune at the top of your lungs.

What is something you would love to learn how to do? I would LOVE to learn how to crochet. I never really gave it the shot it deserved when I was younger and my mother was trying to teach me. It really is fabulous all of the things you can create when you know how to crochet.

What has been your favorite project so far? My favorite project so far was has been my new Diva Dazzle bows. They're so fun to make and I think they look absolutely adorable! I was really happy about how that particular "experiment" turned out.

What is one thing you love about Oklahoma? It's HOME. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I love this state for so many reasons that it's hard to chose just one. But the best way to put it is the people are friendly and there's always something going on to's home and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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Unknown said...

What a great feature of a great lady and her amazing creations!!

Unknown said...

Thank you SO much for featuring me! There are so many creative artists in our wonderful state!

Dee said...

She makes the most heavenly outfits! Those tutus are adorable!

nangatesdesigns said...

Wonderful feature of a very talented artist!

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What a great feature! Lovely color tutu.

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Lovely feature....those tutus are sooo cute and the model is a real diva!

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LOVE Blooms shop! Great feature.