Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Oklahoma Treasure

Hi, Danielle here! For my blog update this week, I thought I would write about a little Antique Thrift Shop I found near my hometown of Sapulpa. I live in OKC now, but I’m from the Tulsa area, and have seen this strange building many times on my way back and forth down Route 66.

Finally, the last time I was home, I had the opportunity to stop with my parents to check it out. As you drive through Kellyville on Route 66, you can see a boat that looks like it has crashed into a building – or a building that looks like it has crashed into a boat. The Treasure Boat Antique Thrift Shop has a large boat sticking out of its side and another, smaller boat sitting on its porch.

Upon walking inside, we found out that the boat is actually a part of the building now, and from the inside of the store, you can walk into the boat and check out the antiques that line its shelves. Almost all of the items there were surprisingly really reasonably priced. I’ve already sold a vintage Mickey Mouse paint set that I got there – and made a profit. If you have money to invest in items for resale right now, it would be worth checking out.

A large tree in the center of the store supports the roof, and the shop has beautiful, glossy, hardwood floors. And they have air conditioning that felt really good after a long day of garage sale-ing. Another interesting thing about the store is that if you’re a veteran, you get to sign the boat! And they have a fake wheel and levers that you can pull to pretend to drive the store (which is what I’m doing in the picture)

Overall it’s a neat little shop and a fun experience. The store is located at 18975 Old West 66, Kellyville, OK 74039; and is open Tuesday – Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can check out their Facebook Page at http://tinyurl.com/3buc3g6 or reach them by phone at (918) 629-1078. Thanks!

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