Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Put a Face to Your Name

Or at least an avatar. :)

Networking can be tricky business. I'm sure we also love to share our thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions, kudos, etc. to other artistic personalities via blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And by leaving these "comments" we are networking. And did you know that this is a PERFECT opportunity to get someone to notice you?

But, no one will notice a name without a face. You need an avatar. However, it's a pain to load an avatar up on every single type of networking site. Enter Gravatar! (en.gravatar.com) Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar system. You simply enter your e-mail, add an image to it, select your personal main sources of reaching out to people and boom...no more blank avatars when you leave comments on people's blogs. No more cutesy Graphic images on Wordpress instead of your shop logo (which is what I'm using) or a picture of yourself. Put a face to that name. You'll hear back from people more often. It makes that connection more personal, more meaningful. And it will encourage people to take a look at your store, blog, etc.

Gravatar has some other great features as well. There's a video that explains it all on their main page. I encourage you to head on over to their site (en.gravatar.com) and put a face to that name! You'll certainly be glad you did!

Happy networking!

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